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hot water tank inspection tips

Water heater & Furnace tips:


Check all around your hot water tank (including top & bottom). Look for water sediments. Water sediment takes time to form. If you find sediments on your tank, it was likely caused by a constant leak.
Look for wet spots or rust all around your hot water tank. You won’t always find water sediments. Instead, you might find rust or small puddles. If you find water at the bottom of your water heater (after removing the little door on the bottom), your water heater might be cracked! Rusts, puddles, white dust (at the bottom) are never a good sign!
Look for the install date of your hot water tank. These days, hot water tanks average a 12 year life span. If your water tank was installed 20-25 years ago, it would be recommended to replace it!
Not getting enough hot water? It might be something simple. Example: A tube in your tank has broken off. Your water heater could also be filled with water sediments that has accumulated over time
Is your water heater still under warranty?

Maintenance records are required for warranty purposes (if you own a tankless water heater). Tankless water heaters require a minimum of 1x per year heat exchanger flushing
Are there any obstructions in any of your vents or intakes?
It is recommended to drain your hot water tank once per year

Furnace Checklist


Have you changed your furnace filters? It is recommended to change your filters at least every 2-3 months. A plugged filter will harm your furnace! This can cause problems with your furnace parts. It may also decrease the life of your motor!
High Efficiency Furnaces: Do your plastic vent pipes have proper grade? Is there anything blocking your vent or intake (outside of your home)? Whatever the problem may be, WE CAN FIX IT!
Is your furnace increasing your utility bills? Replacing every part of your 20-30 year old furnace might not be a good idea. Give us a call and find out! We offer free quotes to all our customers!
When was the last time you had duct cleaning?
Buying a new home? Don’t forget to register your furnace for the extended warranty.

1) It is always a great idea to hire a licensed and insured company. If they are not licensed and insured, there will be a lot at risk!
2) Who are you hiring? Always do some research on the company you would like to hire. You might not get what you paid for!
3) You can always contact the City of Calgary to confirm a licensed company. You can also request proof of insurance